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Thanks, Myles.

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Miles, thanks for sharing. There are more questions for you to answer at the end of assignment for Blog #3. You can create another blog post with your answers.

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Hi Myles,
Thanks for the additional information you posted yesterday.
As you are looking back on the 3-day experiment, can you elaborate on...
Was it difficult to find a time that candy “fit” into your day or did you find multiple times where candy “fit”? Describe why. Thinking back to your day in the life of my mouth blog, what times could candy potentially “fit” in a typical day for you?

What did the times when you ate candy have in common? What seemed to trigger a “candy moment”? What did you seem to be looking for during those times? What did candy do for you, both physically and emotionally?

Reflect on what candy replaced over the past 3 days (if anything). How did eating candy during these times compare with what you would typically do? How is the experience similar or different?

If there are times that candy could “fit” into your day, but you don’t typically eat candy during those times, explain why? What are the reasons that candy is not regularly part of your day? What’s one thing that would need to happen to make candy a more regular part of your day now?
 Many thanks!

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